When using either the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on your FAFSA, or any of the available tax return transcript ordering processes, you are instructed that the address you enter must match the address inputted on your Federal Income Tax Return. Many times users enter the correct address, only to be presented with this error message:

The address you entered does not match our records. What went wrong? Your address may have changed. Your current address may not be the same as the address we have on record for you. Use the address that matches your 2015 Federal Income Tax Return. Don't forget to include your apartment number if applicable.

This message on IRS.gov explains that the address entered does not match the address that the IRS has on record for you. What do you do if you know you entered your address from your Federal Income Tax Return correctly? Well, sometimes the IRS takes your address from your Federal Income Tax Return and standardizes it to confirm to the United States Postal Service (USPS) specifications. To successfully use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, you will have to look up your standardized address on the USPS website.

      1. CLICK HERE or copy and paste this link into a new browser window:
      2. Enter your address as seen on your Federal Tax Return and click Find.
      3. Your full address using standard abbreviations and formatting will now be displayed.
      4. Return to the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on your FAFSA and try your request again using your standardized address.