View and print your IRS tax return transcript immediately online by following the instructions below.

  1. Click here or copy and paste the following link into your browser:

  2. Click Get Transcript Online.

  3. Click Get Started under First Time Users.

  4. Read the registration information and click Continue.

  5. Confirm that you have the required personal information available and click Yes.

  6. Confirm that you have the account number from a financial account listed on your credit report and click Yes.

  7. Confirm that you have a mobile phone number and click Yes.

  8. Enter your First Name and Last Name as they appear on your most recent tax return. Then enter your e-mail address and click Send Code.

  9. The IRS will e-mail you an 8 digit code.

  10. Enter the code and click Continue.

  11. Enter your personal information and address information and click Continue.

  12. Enter the account number for one of the choices listed and click Continue.

  13. Enter your mobile phone number and click Send Message.

  14. The IRS will text you a 6 digit code. Enter the code and click Continue.

  15. Create your User Profile by entering a username and password. Then enter a phrase and select an image that you will recognize. Then click Continue.

  16. After your user profile is created click Continue.

  17. Read the Security Announcement and click Continue.

  18. Select Higher Education/Student Aid from the drop down list and click Go.

  19. In the Return Transcript box, click the year for the tax return transcript you want to download.

  20. Congratulations! Your tax return transcript will appear in a new window.